The Office for Science and Technology

The Science Office in San Francisco is specifically devoted to the study of the following sectors: energy, IT and life sciences.


  • To promote the French S&T with US actors, and with science expats, by organizing events, by publishing local or topical newsletters;
  • To watch scientific breakthroughs, investments and innovations in key domains, by networking with academic people, agencies, scientific associations, think-tanks and other R&D decision-making circles;
  • To report to France, via cables, weekly notes, embassy reports,
  • To sustain existing scientific partnerships, to build new ones, by organizing visits of experts, seminars, on common interest topics, by promoting the annual calls of the French-US joint endowments or funds;
  • To foster doctoral mobility of students and researchers, in particular with our flagship program Chateaubriand, and other incentives.


Philippe PEREZ - Attaché for the Science & Technology Office
(415) 591 4831

Maxime Benallaoua - Deputy Attache for the Science & Technology Office
(415) 591-4834

Raegen SALAIS-FABRE - Logistic manager
(415) 591-4835

Office for Science and Technology in San Francisco

Consulate General of France
88 Kearny Street – Room 600
San Francisco, CA 94108
P: (415) 397-4440
F: (415) 591-4830

Last modified on 17/05/2019

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