AFTER TOMORROW, where Art, Tech & Science intertwine

The French Consulate, the Cultural & Scientific Services of the French Embassy in the US, French Tech SF, Institut Français and the FACS launched AFTER TOMORROW on March 14th. This season confronts in the San Francisco Bay Area, Portland, Seattle... the perspectives of artists, scientists, entrepreneurs, philosophers, sociologists, writers to imagine what our world will look like “after tomorrow”.

AT2018 trailer from FranceinSF on Vimeo.


As time accelerates and innovation constantly reinvents our daily habits, it is tempting to say that today already is tomorrow. Let’s take some distance and start thinking together about how our future will look like after tomorrow. The fourth industrial revolution is now a reality. Born in Silicon Valley, it is reshaping not only our production methods and our relation to work, but also the core structure of our societies, of relationships, and even humans’ relation to their own condition. In this new era of uncertainty, what will guide us, identify us, shape us? What role and place will we hold in a society in upheaval? How will we understand social and intimate relationships? What perception will we have of our augmented or modified existences?


Throughout 2018/2019, drifting from utopia to dystopia, the variety of speakers and events (conferences, concerts, exhibitions, debates, performances, workshops, writing residency…) will allow the audience to understand the upcoming evolutions and to contribute in their making.

AFTER TOMORROW, a season where Art, Tech and Science intertwine from FranceinSF on Vimeo.

Let’s imagine “After Tomorrow” TOGETHER! Whether you are an artist, a scientist, an entrepreneur, a financial partner, an event organizer, a media … JOIN “AFTER TOMORROW” NOW!

Last modified on 14/11/2019

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