Brioche Pasquier : a French Success Story !

Emmanuel Lebrun-Damiens and his team met yesterday with Hugues Pasquier, Sales director at Brioche Pasquier / Galaxy Desserts in Richmond (CA). Gabriel Pasquier’s grandson told them the amazing success story of Brioche Pasquier (pronounced Bree-osh Pas-kee-yay), a family bakery from Les Cerqueux in the West of France. Once upon a time, in 1936, a light sweet bun made with eggs and butter…


The Story

In 1936, in Les Cerqueux a small village in the West of France, Gabriel Pasquier, the baker of the village made his renowned brioche, pâtisserie and bread.

After his death in the 70’s, his five sons decided to continue making his traditional French brioche but to sell it in a wrapper and to offer the products to supermarkets.

In 1974, the company ’Brioche Pasquier’ was created.

Today, with 18 factories (14 in France, 1 in California, 1 in UK and 2 in Spain), Brioche Pasquier employs more than 3,200 people worldwide...


Welcome to California!

Initially famous for the ‘Brioches’ (Brioche Pasquier is France’s no. 1 brioche bakery), the group has since then diversified (french classics such as choux pastry products and pâtisseries, macarons and biscottes…) through numerous acquisitions.


Brioche Pasquier entered the U.S. market with its 2012 acquisition of award-winning Galaxy Desserts, a company founded in 1998 in Northern California and known for its handcrafted french inspired pastries by french Master pastry chef Jean-Yves Charon (Galaxy Desserts’s co-founder).


Today, Brioche Pasquier / Galaxy Desserts is headquartered in Richmond (CA). Using Gabriel Pasquier’s traditional French recipes, innovative processes and the renowned Pasquier levain (starter), the french company has maintained the quality and taste that sets it apart.


PS : Did you know that more than 15 Brioche Pasquier products can be found at Trader Joe’s…?
Bon Appétit !

Last modified on 30/01/2018

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