WAVE Exhibit: Collective ingenuity

Bank of the West debuted on October 20 the WAVE Exhibit, a forum created by BNP Paribas in collaboration with L’Atelier BNP Paribas, examining how collective ingenuity is rapidly changing the global economy.


Navi Radjou, innovation and leadership strategist based in Silicon Valley and co-author of Frugal Innovation: How to do More With Less, is the scientific curator of this exhibition.


A portion of the exhibition will be hosted at two Bank of the West Wealth Management Centers in California – 555 Market Street in San Francisco and 531 Cowper Street in Palo Alto – from October 20 through November 27.

The exhibit


The exhibit centers around the five currents of collective ingenuity, each of which focuses on a key trend in the way that the global economy is evolving, powered by today’s entrepreneurs and innovators:

  • Co-Creation: By creating together, we can find solutions that none of us could achieve on our own. The world is full of smart ideas, valuable information and helping hands from which we can all benefit.
  • Circular Economy: A circular economy is a system in which waste from one process becomes resources for another. Recycling and re-use constitute the fundamental logic of this self-sustaining system.
  • Inclusive Economy: There are billions of people at the bottom of the economic pyramid. There are many ways that businesses can provide them with solutions.
  • Sharing Economy: The sharing economy is about access rather than ownership. Resources such as cars, vacation homes, clothing, even knowledge, can become available to many more users with the act of sharing.
  • Maker Movement: Being a maker is an attitude: makers know that anyone can create and change the world, and that you don’t have to be an expert or a professional to create progress. We can all contribute something new; we can all tinker and experiment, and improve the world around us.

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Last modified on 30/10/2015

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