EFBA : Launch of the Virgule collection FLAM textbooks

Last week, EFBA (Éducation Française de la Bay Area) announced the launch of the first edition of the “FLAM (Français Langue Maternelle)” textbooks Virgule.


As a WASC accredited school, EFBA created an afterschool program on a 1.5 hour 2 times a week schedule.

The EFBA’s objective is to maintain and boost the use of the French language by children enrolled in American public school and to thrive through their bilinguism.

EFBA, as all the other FLAM associations around the world, has a crucial need of quality teaching tools in order to maintain the French language in a minority environment.

The Virgule collection has been tailored to provide the right support to this educational environment. The content of these textbooks is based not only on the language proficiency goals, spelling and grammar of the French National Education curriculum but also on some francophone cultural adds-on for a playful approach to learning French.

The completion of this project, i.e. the FLAM textbooks, was made possible by the financial contribution of the French Parliement and the “Centre de la francophonie des Amériques”, a government agency based in Quebec, Canada.

The Virgule collection is to be released open source, meaning for free through a creative commons license to all FLAM organizations and isolated families. It is available on the Home Portal Digital Library of the Francophonie of the Americas or on the EFBA website.


Last modified on 20/07/2015

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