33entrepreneurs in San Francisco on July 30

33entrepreneurs is crossing North America in July to detect and unveil the most talented teams in its three verticals Wine, Food and Travel. Based in Bordeaux, France, 33entrepreneurs is the world first Accelerator dedicated to wine, food and tourism tech start-ups.


33entrepreneurs is gathering around its 33USTour two major innovative actors in USA:
Bon Appétech to launch the Premiere Global Food Startups Competition in San Francisco (October 2-4, 2015) and the Phocuswight Conference in Miami (November 17-18, 2015). The Pitch Competition will showcase the most talented and promising teams and startups in Food&Wine and Travel innovation.

Leading up to the Bon Appétech and Phocuswright conferences, 33entrepreneurs is organizing a 9 city U.S. Startup Tour, taking place July 8-30.

Crossing the country from New York City to San Francisco and traveling over 8,000km to some of the top innovation hubs in the USA, 33entrepreneurs will seek the most disruptive startups in the food and wine innovation space.

At each stop on the U.S. Startup Tour, startups will have the opportunity to pitch before a panel of high-quality, local VCs, entrepreneurs and institutional representatives. Each startup will have 5 minutes to pitch its project and then be critiqued by panel members.

For each contest, the two winners in Food and in Wine vertical will be selected and be given the opportunity to take part in the Grand Finale that will be held in San Francisco during the Bon Appétech Conference from October 2-4.

The winner in the Travel vertical will participate to the Phocuswright conference in November. The winners of the Grand Finales will be automatically integrated into 33entrepreneur’s next promotion of startups and receive a $100K investment.

33Contest in San Francisco


About 33entrepreneurs


33entrepreneurs is a global venture capital fund and Open Accelerator dedicated to Wine & Spirits, Food and Tourism. They invest in tech-related projects driven by talented teams, in order to accelerate their growth. To do so, 33entrepreneurs analyzes promising startups around the globe and runs a series of startups contests to attract top entrepreneurs.

They have already organized more than 20 pitch contests across Europe, in Munich, London, Barcelona, Paris, Berlin, Milan, Lisbon, Warsaw, Dublin, London, and Jerusalem. Their partnerships with major startup accelerators, including GAN.co (Boulder, CO, USA) and H-Farm Ventures (Venice, Italy), strengthen their platform and approach to sourcing leading startup opportunities.

33entrepreneurs also offers complementary services such as: #33insights economic intelligence, a series of deep-dive studies on international wine, food and tourism startups; #33hours hackathons in which innovators solve complex problems for industrial clients during a non-stop two-day innovation marathon; and #33fridays entrepreneurial meet-ups. Based in Bordeaux, France, 33entrepreneurs actively supports the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Learn more at: www.33entrepreneurs.co

Last modified on 17/07/2015

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