FrenchTech is back in force at the SxSW

After the huge success of the French startups who participated in the last CES in La Vegas, the FrenchTech is back in force at the SxSW! Meet the 15 startups handpicked by Business France who will be attending the SxSW French Pavilion from March 15th through the 18th in Austin (Texas).


"Meet with highly promising French startups @SxSW" (Ubi i/ - Feb. 10)


The 3DRUDDER is a revolutionary feet-controlled 3D navigation and motion controller. This device offers a type of intuitive movement that is unsurpassed in the 3D world.
The device is used while seated, all the user has to do is simply rest their feet on it. Using the 3DRUDDER provides natural sensations without requiring effort or causing fatigue. To move forward, the user tilts the device forward; to move to the right, the user tilts the device to the right, and so on and so forth. The two pedals enable the user to also move either up or down. Hands are free to work with the keyboard, the mouse, or the joystick, completely transforming the gaming or work experience.
The 3DRUDDER is specifically designed with gamers and 3D professionals (designers, 3D infographists, architects, etc.) in mind but is easy enough to be used by anyone, even those who don’t consider themselves technologically savvy.


3D SOUND LABS debuts Neoh, the first smart 3D audio headphones. These headphones integrate spatial sound rendering, making the most immersive sound experience in history. Neoh is a true wearable home cinema.
These headphones use motion sensors that deliver multipoint sound sources comparable to the latest generation of movie theatre surround sound or the most sophisticated home theatre equipment on the market. With its 360° sound technology, 3D SOUND LABS successfully introduced a real theatrical sound experience to 3D audio headphones.


ADWAYS has developed an incredible online platform enabling the creation of interactive videos on any devices. This solution is used to sustain digital strategy for e-commerce, e-learning, advertising, corporate communication or any rich media content.
ADWAYS’ interactive videos increase the average click rate on the web by 10. With ADWAYS you will be able to provide the right information to the right person at the right time.
Meet us at our booth to create your own interactive video within minutes!


AUGMENT is a mobile app that allows users to visualize products in augmented reality, directly integrated in the real world and at scale. AUGMENT allows sales rep to show all their products to their customers in their own environment in 3D. This app is available on iPad, iPhone and Android.


CATOPSYS technologies enrich the immersive 3D experience and virtual reality programs. This immersion is much more realistic than immersive screens and headsets as our technology adapts itself to your environment, your office, your room, your showroom etc. Created and designed for social settings, it does not isolate the user and can be shared by a group of people. These technologies can be installed rapidly in just a few hours and are easy to manage and redeploy in any given space.
CATOPSYS has also just announced Immersis, a revolutionary immersive solution targeted to gamers and 360° video amateurs. It is also targeted to professional users who are looking for simple immersive solutions at an affordable price.


EDJING specializes in the development of mobile music applications since 2012. EDJING is the editor behind the world’s #1 DJ application. With over 35 million downloads across 182 countries, EDJING is ranked in the world’s top 10 best mobile app for music creation. EDJING will take the opportunity to unveil its latest innovations in mobile applications and Internet of Things at the SxSW.


JELLYNOTE is the new social platform for music creation and performance. Create and share interactive music sheets, tabs and covers. JELLYNOTE is built by musicians who previously faced that problem and who wanted to share their solution with the world.
Learning Mode: JELLYNOTE shows you how to play and guides you through the process of playing the right notes. You can play the song at your rhythm and get feedback in real time.
Practice Mode: Imagine Guitar Hero but with real music! Play any song at a chosen tempo, JELLYNOTES then validates the notes you play well. At the end, you get a score and you can now keep track of your progress!


Decentralized consensus technologies such as Bitcoin are a major breakthrough where the protection of digital identities is paramount.
The LEDGER team created the best of the smartcards in the industry to protect these digital identities on hardware devices.
Its first product, the LEDGER WALLET NANO is a simple and affordable way to store and use your bitcoins with maximum security. The LEDGER team is already working on the next version of this device, adding NFC for contactless payments, a screen and buttons for seamless user confirmation and Bluetooth Low Energy as a universal communication method.


MELUDIA is a French company that makes music education more effective, more engaging and more enjoyable through technologies based on cognitive sciences.
MELUDIA EAR TRAINING is a web app that tackles an essential lack in music education: the way we analyze sound, the way we process music into our mind, usually called “musical ear”. The better our ear, the more enjoyable music becomes, the better we can play and create it. MELUDIA EAR TRAINING adapts to every profile, whatever their level of music, whatever their style of music, from classical to modern music. MELUDIA EAR TRAINING is used in 140 countries and has already been deployed in several schools and conservatories. You can test it for free on
MELUDIA Music Awareness Index is an upcoming online standardized test, which aims at becoming the TOEFL for music.


NILAND is a music technology start-up that enables companies to reach new levels of customer engagement by enabling a deep understanding of music content and mood-aware solutions. We solve the music search and discovery problem by capturing all musical and emotional characteristics automatically from the audio signal. Years of research in Deep Learning and Machine listening algorithms are packed in our easy to use APIs. Our mission is to get the right songs, to the right users at the right time. Headquartered in Paris, NILAND was founded in 2013.
For more information, visit or follow @nilandmusic on Twitter.


PHONOTONIC is the new musical experience for would-be musicians who can’t play instruments, also created for seasoned players, performers and dancers looking for something fresh.
It is a music-driven entertainment with connected hardware and an app that lets you create and play music in a simple and powerful way.
Control the beat and the melody, just by moving with PHONOTONIC: the object tracks the way you move and then communicates to the app using Bluetooth. Our award-winning technologies then turn these movements into music in real time.
Split melody and rhythm on two PHONOTONIC for more fun and challenge alone or with your friends. Choose your music from our catalog, play it with PHONOTONIC and discover musical artists in a different way.


POLLEN AM is dedicated to lead the shift from prototyping and model making to the autonomous manufacturing of high-end goods.
In a nutshell, we are engineering the first 3D Printer to produce fully functional objects: multi materials, integrated surface finish and no burdensome post treatment. It has become a reality thanks to our patented disruptive technology.
In the second half of 2015, POLLEN AM will hit the market with a first device, intended to positively reinvent how brands and designers create and produce: eyewear, shoes etc.
Besides that, we are developing a SDK to promote the “What You See Is What You Build”, and offer third parties the opportunity to publish parametric 3D modeling applications.
That’s what we call “Personal Manufacturing”.


RACONTR is a collaborative platform for the creation and distribution of interactive projects. Entirely online, this solution allows you to implement interactive projects intuitively and without any line of code. No need for developers, this is the perfect tool for your multimedia projects!
Graphics, interactive advertisements, Web news, e-mags, Web Documentaries: digital works will have no secrets for you.
Master online storytelling today and invent the future!


As digital natives, we add our creative and innovative know-how in line with the augmented generation. SLASHE offers to brands and television channels a simpler solution to enrich contents and increase viewer’s loyalty through the creation of a new intuitive and multi-devices writing for immersive scenarios.
Through our proprietary audio recognition technology, SLASHE helps audio-visual contents to become interactive by displaying pushs in real time from any device: data exchange, e-commerce journey, all offering a wild range of emotions.


Music practice has yet to switch to digital.
WEEZIC aims at becoming the main interactive music practice platform. WEEZIC allows content owners (music sheet publishers, video / audio producers, teachers, composers) to integrate and synchronize their content on the web, and push it (sell it) to musicians that can use it with interactive tools on all their connected devices.
Supported by a consistent set of in-house web technologies (patent-pending), Augmented Sheet Music® makes any score interactive, allowing musicians to:
• play with customizable play-along songs (tempo, tonality)
• get real-time feedback (mistakes highlighted / polyphonic performance assessment)
• Not worry about page turns (real-time ‘score following’).

More information : Ubi i/

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