French startup in San Francisco: Bon Appétit Box!

Bon appétit Box was founded by French husband and wife team, Zoé and Bertrand Corp. This love of food and travel lead them to San Francisco to start their company. Zoé and Bertrand source the highest quality food items from artisan producers of French favorites to make up the contents of each box.

Delivering an authentically French dining experience to your doorstep, the Bon Appétit Box is a delight for foodies and Francophiles across America...


Team : Zoé & Bertrand

After finishing high school in Montpellier, South of France, Zoé and Bertrand moved to Paris together where they studied at Business School and spent all their free time traveling, discovering produce at local farmers markets, experiencing restaurants in Paris and around Europe. Bertrand comes from a French winemaking family and between them, the couple have worked with large corporations such as Pepsi, Unilever, L’Oreal in Paris, before relocating to San Francisco to launch their new venture. After exploring a few big city options across America, the couple decided to live and set up their company in San Francisco as it cross section of food and technology seemed like a perfect fit.


A Taste of France... in a Box

Their chosen artisan producers are often following long standing traditional family recipes and passing on their authenticity from generation to generation For example, the Croquets de Provence are made from a recipe using local Provencal ingredients, and has been a closely guarded family secret for over 6 generations. The Tapenade aux Olives Noires (black olive tapenade) has been produced by a Mill in the Grasse region on the French Riviera for over 150 years.

The Paris Apéritif Box is the authentic Apéritif à la Parisienne which offers a taste of Paris that transports you to the City of Lights with your first bite with treats such as Périgord Duck Rillettes.

The Provence Apéritif Box is full of treats such as Croquets de Provence for that moment before dinner to relax and unwind with French delicacies native to the Provence region of France.

The contents of the Café Gourmand Box have been carefully selected to allow you to create your own modern and sophisticated French Café experience from the comfort of your own home.

The Goûter Box is a French tradition enjoyed from early childhood and is a mid afternoon snack such as Figue Violette Jam to get your through the 4pm slump. In France, children, colleagues and friends all come together to enjoy their daily Goûter.

More information? Bon Appétit Box website...


Last modified on 27/01/2015

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