"Glance inside the body"

Monumental projections in Gray Area’s new location reveal how French artist Xavier Lucchesi uses X-rays and scanners to create images, allowing him to transcend opacity and peek inside the unknown with a very graphic rendering...


French artist Xavier Lucchesi is invited by the Cultural Services of the French Embassy to take part in “Image as Location”, a Bay Area festival reflecting on the future of the image and exploring the relationship between people, pictures, and places.

About Fabrice Lucchesi

Xavier Lucchesi is a french photographer and has created the series ‘radio portraits’ or ‘interior landscape’ in which all of the images have been captured with a medical scanner. In this way the artist sees, the ‘internal journey of self’. Lucchesi first has the subject’s image captured in an advanced x-ray machine either pictured by themselves or with a large or small object clutched to their figure. After the medical scan has been completed, the image is enhanced by Lucchesi digitally by the addition of color, highlighting of certain shapes or organs only visible to the human eye with the utilization of this photographic technology.

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With Pauline Carmona ( Consule générale de France à SF), Philippe Perez ( Attaché pour la science et la technologie au consulat à SF) , Stéphane Ré (Attaché culturel au consulat à SF), Hannah Loué (Chargée de mission au Service culturel du consulat à SF), Fabrice Lucchesi, Pierre Conti (Programme director - Gray Area).

Last modified on 20/10/2014

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