Awaiting the Arrival of Dawn - Moise Touré, Francis Viet

A multimedia performance
March 17th – 8pm – Kunst Stoff

"Act in your place, think with the world"
Edouard Glissant

The Cultural Services of the French Consulate and Kunst Stoff are pleased to present the new creation of French Director Moise Touré and Choreographer Francis Viet : « Awaiting the arrival of Dawn ».

Moïse Touré strongly believes that everyone has the capacity to create art and participate in artistic endeavours where there are no longer producers on one side and consumers on the other. Something else is about to be born, an innovation no longer coming solely from the engineers and marketers, but from the emergence of cooperative networks. The cultural industries have too often produced a cultural consumerism incompatible with a genuine artistic and cultural experience. Thanks to the new cultural technologies, new forms of appropriation of the artistic process, of knowledge, appear. The public is the new avant-garde : they invent the cultural institutions of tomorrow.

This project is the result of a work with Bay Area residents representative of the local cultural diversity. It addresses the question of community while nurturing the talent of non-professional participants. It is a continuation of Moïse Touré’s past projects in France and abroad, such as those recently conducted with the National Theatre of Japan, in West Africa or in Brazil.

“Awaiting the arrival of Dawn” draws its narrative from interviews with members of the local communities who, through their personal histories and memories, create a multifaceted portrait of San Francisco, as the city endeavours to build a larger community of individuals and communities.

Through a multimedia performance featuring material gathered during their residency, Moïse Touré and Francis Viet stage a poetic portrayal of residents of the Bay Area. The theatrical performance, directed by Moïse Touré and choreographed by Francis Viet will be intercut with footage from the workshops and other video and photographic material.

From the individual to the collective, the community in movement

“Awaiting the arrival of Dawn” places each participant at the center of the creative process, thus producing a new artistic creative process based upon the cooperation between acclaimed international artists Touré and Viet, local talents Ehya, Saito, and Haner, and the non-professional performers who have participated in the year-long adventure.

From the fullness of the individual memories, experiences, histories and testimonies to the discovery of a collective identity “Awaiting the arrival of Dawn” shows that cultural, social and political barriers can be overcome when participants share their thoughts, emotions and inspiration.

“The performance is a series of unanswered questions : what are yesterday’s, today’s, tomorrow’s imaginations ? How do they meet? How do we share public space and intimate space? How do we invent new solidarities? How do one shares one’s knowledge, one’s wealth, individual and collective?”

“What is at stake in this performance is to transform the stage into the world’s alphabet book in its most unusual and mundane forms. It is not a representation of the world, but the instantaneous fiction of the representation of “Awaiting the arrival of Dawn".

Moïse Touré

MARCH 17TH – 8pm
1 Grove Street (at Market)
Free admission – Donations accepted

Direction : Moïse Touré
Choreography : Francis Viet
Theater workshops : Michelle Haner
Video and sound : Kiazad Ehya
Photography : Tomo Saito
Texts : Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Students of the Writers Corps, Claude-Henri Buffard, Jean-Pierre Chambon, François Cervantès

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