The Artist in the race to Oscars

The French movie, rewarded by the Best Actor Award at the 2011 Cannes Film Festival, will set out soon to conquer California.

After winning the Best Actor Award last Sunday in Cannes for “The Artist” of Michel Hazanavicius, Jean Dujardin is getting ready to an very busy autumn. “Harvey Weinstein who will distribute the movie in many countries including United States decided to lead The Artist in the race to the nominations for the Oscars”, the producer Thomas Langmann reveals.


“We aim for the same large slam Césars-Golden Globes-Bafta-Oscars as Marion Cotillard did with La Môme. Jean Dujardin, Bérénice Bejo, Michel Hazanavicius will totally play the game. Dinners, showing, interviews,… a true election campaign awaits them from Hollywood to New York via London. We have a great advantage: as” The Artist “is a silent film, we can claim all the nominations !”


See the interview given by Michel Hazanavicius at the time of the French Cinema Now festival in San Francisco at the beginning of November 2009, at the time of the presentation of the second OSS 117: Lost in Rio

Interview de Michel Hazanavicius, réalisateur... by consulatsanfrancisco/xb1wwr_interview-de-michel-hazanavicius-re_news]

Last modified on 26/05/2011

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