France regains its ratings with America

Eight years after Irak, France has retrieved it’s ratings with the Americans.

Eight years after the American intervention in Irak, who had deteriorated the relations with Paris, France has retrieved its ratings in a US public opinion poll published Friday by Gallup.

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This annual inquiry used in 21 countries, 71% of Americans have a favorable opinion of France, against 24% Americans who have an unfavorable opinion.

"It is the first time since 2002 that France passes above the bar of 70%", remarks the Institute Gallup in a press release. The opposition of France slumps in the US, the opinions unfavorable doubled the opinions favored (64% against 34%).

France takes the sixth place in the ranking of countries polled by Gallup. The Canadian neighbor takes first place with 92% of positive opinions, before the United Kingdom (88%), Germany (82%), Japan (80%) and India (72%).

North Korea and Iran stay at the bottom of the rankings, with 11% of positive opinions.

Keep in mind: the collaspe of Egypt, who lost 18 points in 2010, comes in at 13th place.

"The demonstrations in Egypt made the Americans be aware of the natural autocracy of their government", observes The Gallup.

Opinion poll taken by telephone February 2nd-5th nearly 1.015 adults, with a margin error of more or less 4 points.

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Last modified on 15/02/2011

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