Utah attracts French Businesses

The Consul General visited Salt Lake City January 23-26

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The consul général for the North West of the United States focused his first visit in Utah on two major topics: the active support from France to linguistic immersion programs developed in the region and the will to dynamize the economic cooperation between France and "The Beehive State.".
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- The French Consul General concluded his visit to Utah by meeting with the local economic team players. These representatives explained to the Consul General all the benefits that French businesses will have by investing in the most "business friend" state of the United States. Utah has a population of 2.7 million habitants that can boast about all the essential assets: the favorable fiscal provisions, quality, muiltilingual, and higher education, a rich economic base in lead mining, information technology, biotechnology, "clean tech.", "green" tech.", without forgetting an expectable and natural environment. The Utah mountains of "Silicon Slopes" have many advantages of perspective cooperation being traced.

- These meetings with the Lt governor of State, Mr. Bell, and with Mr. Becker, mayor of Salt Lake City, confirmed the desires of local authorities to develop more economic and cultural relations with France.

- Mr. Serman previously met with many French residents who contribute to the economic dynamism of this region as well as the culture of France which started by the teachers and directors of Francophone immersion schools that were recently created in the vicinity of Salt Lake City. They have had great success and already face a large request of enrollment applications for the upcoming school year. A lunch was held in presence of the Superintendent of Education, Mr. Larry Shumway, that allowed all the French school program representatives in the region to share their experiences (see the blog of Aurélie Savoye, and one of "Jules-Vernettes").

- Mr. Serman also had the opportunity of visiting Brighton High School and greeting some high school students from Grenoble that are visiting for a week to deepen their cinematic knowledge at the Sundance Festival,
then discuss with a dozen francophone students from the University of Utah regarding French-American relations. (read the write up de BYU).

- Factory tour of Dannon, currently in expansion with an French brand that looks very promising on the American market, and a meeting with many of the very kind French business executives, reinforcing the Consul General’s strong beliefs in the "hexagonal" businesses attempting their American adventures.

- With a warm welcome from the many French inhabitants, a gathering was held at The Gourmandise Bakery by celebrating the "galette.", The Consul General expressed to everyone his best wishes, hopes, and aspirations for this year, and that the French community can count on the consular services permanently to simplify and facilitate administrative opperations.

- Tuesday, Mr. Serman was invited to discover The Provo Missionary Center (see the blog of Sister Jorgensen). Before leaving for a mission in name of the church of Jesus-Christ-of-Latter-Day-Saints, each missionary goes to one of the sixteen formation centers in the world. In only eight weeks, with twelve hour days of class, one learns the language of their destined country. The results from this intense method are astounding, which really impressed the Consul général.

- The afternoon was dedicated to the students of Provo High School and the students of Brigham Young University, at the David M. Kennedy Center, where the consul was invited to express his thoughts on French-American relations and The European Union. Immediately after his speech he responded to questions from many students who came just to see him. He witnessed a very sincere interest for our country, France, many of the students learned French, and to improve one’s knowledge of our history and our culture.

- A dinner was held on the behalf of the church of Jesus-Christ-of-Latter-Day-Saints at The Joseph Smith Memorial Building in a very touching ceremony reserved for Mr. and Mrs. Serman: The International Children’s Choir, effectively instructed by Mrs. Kathy Sorensen, started singing many French songs, and with the pleasure of all the guests present.

Our sincerest thank-you to everyone that contributed to the success of this mission with their warm welcoming, their availability, and their attention to detail. Thank you!

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Sunday January 23

- Visit the Mormon Tabernacle Choir
- Meet with Mr. Erlend Peterson, Associate International Vice President, Mr. Gregg Roberts, State Language Programs, Mr. Franz Kolb, State of Utah International Trade and Diplomacy Office, Mr. Corry Cropper.

Monday January 24

- 9h00 visit The Samuel Morgan Elementary School (Davis SD),
- 10h15 visit The Morningside Elementary School (Granite SD)
- 11h15 visit The Brighton High school (Canyons SD), French Students Sundance Film Festival
- 12h00 visit The Butler Elementary School (Canyons SD),
- 12h45 lunch with the Superintendent, Mr. Larry Shumway, in company of representatives from French programs in the region
- 14h30 Interview with the students of University of Utah
- 16h45 Factory tour of Dannon (Danone)
- 19h15 Meet the French community of Salt Lake City (invitation only) at Gourmandise The Bakery

Tuesday January 25

- 09h00 visit The Brigham Young University (Provo)
- 11h00 Discussion with students in The AP French and AP European Politics, Provo High School
- 14h00 Political Science and International Relations Conference at The David M. Kennedy Center for International Studies
- 17h30 Dinner reception on behalf of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Wednesday January 26

- 12h00 Lunch on behalf of The Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce, The State of Utah International Trade and Diplomacy Office, and The World Trade Center of Utah
- 14h00 Interview with Mr. Gregory S. Bell, Lt. Governor of Utah
- 15h30 Interview with Mr. Ralph Becker, mayor of Salt Lake City

French presence in Salt Lake City and in Utah :

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