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Like every year, San Francisco Bay welcomes, with the participation of schools, The Alliance Française along with the French and the Swiss consulates, a "Dictée of the Bay", free event open to all the francophones and francophiles ages 6-99 The dictées are divided by levels, according to inscriptions. A prize will be awarded and the event will conclude with a tasting.

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- Where ?
This year, The Francophone Dictée of the Bay will take place at the Lycée International Franco-Américain de San Francisco, 150 Oak Street, San Francisco, CA 94102, www.frenchamericansf.org.

- When ?
Le Saturday March 19, 2011 from 1:30pm to 4pm.

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- Who ?
Free event open to all the francophones et francophiles ages 6-99. The children will be grouped by academic levels, from class CE1 to sixth form and the adults in 2 or 3 categories, beginners, intermediate, and advanced.

- The consul général de France will be awarding the winners.

- Inscriptions are obligatory before March 10th by mail, telephone or fax inscriptions contact: Christine Lemor-Drake : christine@appletopomme.com, tel (415) 292-7227, fax (415) 292-7247.
- Attention : each candidate must indicate their name, age til March 19th, email address, telephone number, and level of French.

See the invitation :
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Dictée 2011
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