Senator Duvernois visits California

Mr. Louis DUVERNOIS, Senator representing France abroad, visits San Francisco January 9-11, 2011

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M. le Sénateur Louis Duvernois. Lycée La Pérouse, campus d’Ortega

As part of his parliamentary mandate, Mr. Louis Duvernois, senator representing France abroad, is on business in San Francisco.

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MM. Arzelier, Duvernois, Serman et Bertoux. Ortega.

- Accompanied by the Consul général of France and by Mr. Jean-Claude Zambelli, advisor of The French Assembly Abroad, Mr. Duvernois first visited the two urban sites of
La Pérouse High-Sschool where he was welcomed by Mr. Frédérick Arzelier, head principle, and where he could observe the quality of instruction given to students of all levels, captivated by the reputation of the French education system.

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MM. Bertoux, Zambelli, Arzelier, Duvernois, Serman.

- He then went to The Alliance Française where Mr. Ledermann and Mr. Ségalas discussed project partnerships and developments in progress.

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MM. Duvernois, Zambelli, Patterson et Segalas. Alliance Française.

- In the afternoon, the Senator also became acquainted with French academic establishments in the Bay Area as he visited The French-American International High-School followed by a brief visit to the Moma.

- Dinner was hosted at the French Residence in presence of members from French Schools in the Bay Area.

- Tuesday, he will meet with the head principal of the Palo Alto International High-School, then he will leave San Francisco to continue his business trip in Los Angeles.

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