President Sarkozy in Washington D.C. : Allies against Terrorism

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The Head of the State is accompanied by Mrs. Michèle ALLIOT-MARIE, Minister of State, Minister of European and Foreign Affairs, and with Mrs. Christine LAGARDE, Minister of Economy, Industry, and Finances.

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The President of the Republic’s press statement at the White House

The White House, Washington — Monday January 10, 2011

The President — I would first of all like to say to the American people how the French are deeply overwhelmed by the recent tragedy you have experienced. Our deepest thoughts are with you.

I would like to thank Mr. President OBAMA for his testimonial of solidarity in regards to the recent tragedy that France has experienced of the assassination of two young Frenchmen by barbarians, by terrorists.

The United States and France has decided to be allies in the subject matter of terrorism. Together, we consider the culprits weak and have no other choice other than to fight these terrorists.

Democracies can not give up, democracies have to defend their fondamental values when they are being challenged.

We have spoken with the President of the United States about the future of G20. I said to him that France would like to work hand in hand with the United States of America.

We are in the 21st century, we have needed new ideas and these new ideas, we would like to put them forward, together with President OBAMA, to bring prosperity and stability in the world.

I have always been friends with the United States of America, I know the role America plays in the world, the effect of the dollar has globally. It is therefore with Barack OBAMA that we are going to propose new ideas to G20 like G8.

Our teams will work hard together, to make propositions that will in regards to the major issues: currency, the price of raw materials, and all the issues that we have on the table of G20, to reduce the global inequalities.

Finally, I would like to thank Barack OBAMA for his leadership and his ability to always put his heart into all our discussions so that we can get to the bottom of issues. And I appreciate that openness and ability to do so.

I am convinced that this year, in 2011, thanks to him, we are going to bring structured responses to the large inequalities in the world.

Thank you everyone.


11h20 (Paris 17h20)

Arrival of Mr. President SARKOZY and Mrs. Carla SARKOZY at Andrews Airforce Base.


Meeting with Mr. President of the French Republic with Mr. Barack OBAMA, President of the United States of America, dedicated to G8-G20 (White House)

12h50 (Paris 18h50)

Joint press statement by the two Presidents (Oval Office)


Lunch courtesy of Mr. Barack OBAMA, President of the United States of America dedicated to international questions (White House)

During which Mrs. Carla SARKOZY and Mrs. Michelle OBAMA will have lunch together.

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