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JPEGLe Service d’information du gouvernement (SIG) launched the website

The Government Information Service (GIS) launched the website, the official website of France, on July 14, 2010, Bastille Day.

This portal will bring together all services of the French public Internet of interest to French citizens living abroad and foreigners who wish to be informed about France.
The site is structured around six main headings:

- Knowledge: to deepen ones knowledge of France (its geography, its history, its values, its institutions ...);

- Travel: discover France, preparing ones stay;

- Life: discover and use the convenient services of French daily life (housing, health, justice, sports ...)

- Study orientation and life training;

- Work: to be familiar with the specifics of the French labor market and practical information on working life;

- Undertake to help implement and develop its international business.

Upon its initial release, will be available in five languages: English, French, German, Italian and Spanish. aims to convey and enhance the overall content offered by the public websites and . Therefore, GIS welcomes this initiative which provides a valuable tool in the service of promoting the image of France.

Last modified on 16/07/2010

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