Bay Area High School student is rewarded a 10 day trip to France !

On Thursday, July 1st 2010, a Califronian High School student from the Bay Area was met by Mr. Denis Bisson, Mr. Ivan Bertoux and Ms. Sophie Suberville of the Consulate General of France in San Francisco to be recognized for her achievement in winning the, « Allons en France !»
This award consists of a 10 day, all expense paid trip to France by the Cultural Services of the French Consulate in San Francisco and the French American Cultural Society.

The French consulate in San Francisco invited 16 year old Jill Anderson, her mother, and her French professor, Mrs. Uriarte, from Monte Vista High School in Danville to celebrate her award. Jill and her family expressed how grateful they were to have won this incredible opportuniy that will allow Jill to have the necessary understanding of the French language and culture so that she can one day fulfill her dreams for working with the French organization, « Doctors without Borders ». JPEG

« Allons en France » is a program orchestrated by the European Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which helps foster developement of French exchange abraod.
First created in 1998 during the World Cup, this program was meant to recognize and award the strongest francophone High School students for their academic achievements by sending them to France. This year the program is centered around the theme of « Tradition and innovation : the everyday spectacle » and will last for 11 days and host 170 students. This theme aims to put into perspective how technological innovation can revolutionize every day lifes.

This all encompassing international program aims to explore the culture and civilization of France for young people from varying cultural origins and social backgrounds. This opportunity offers students like Jill the chance to disover the richness of French culture by visiting the capital itself and its historic sites as well as the opportunity to participate in workshops dedicated to this years techonological theme. This program continues to facilitate tourism, offer new forms of individual expression and above all the opportunity for each student to create a wonderful, life-altering experience in France.

- here to see the other photos from this event.


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