The French-American Int. School of SF at the World Cup!

The 2010 World Cup for French School’s Abroad, CMEFE, has been celebrated for 20 years by the Agency for French Education Abroad. This event will begin on Tuesday the 21st to Sunday the 27th of June 2010 in Johannesburg, South Africa during the World Cup FIFA. The Franco-American International High School students have been selected to participate in this world event and will be representing the United States along with other classmates from Chicago.


260 participants from five French Schools and 4 continents, Africa, Asia, America, and Europe, will participate in the CMEFE World Cup. The team will be comprised of 7 players and 3 alternates, boys and girls, ages 11-13 in their sixth year, CM2, at the Franco-American School.

Raymond Hinz, the principal of the primary school at FAIS will lead the team to South Africa with Philippe Pieri, a parent of a CMFE student, chose the students for the CMEFE World Cup. Hinz has supervised this process throughout the world for 27 years in association with various training centers in France.
His experience with international tournaments in France, America and the Middle East has led him to believe that the French-American School will do very well in the CMFE World Cup.

The team supervisors are already familiar with these international tournaments; when we received the list of the qualified schools we exchanged a lot of emails back and forth”, said Hinz, “for example, we had already seen a change in our Moroccan colleagues, I knew that they will not do this just for show”. “First of all, we did not expect that these young Californian students would be the best team to face the already well, established African and European soccer teams, and since our soccer department has only existed for three years the perspective from locals within our department allowed for a slow start. However, now we are working together to establish the group levels and place them at the top of the #4 group. Even if some students are familiar with my previous work, we will be a great, new team together that will surprise everyone.

Heinz thanks his colleagues from the French-American School of San Francisco who has helped to organize friendly games during the World Cup preparation as well as the Mill Valley Soccer Club, who is partnered with the Franco-American school and the centre de formation du Racing Club de Strasbourg and the “Rêve de Foot” society. The partnership between these three agencies has allowed for credible performance tests for students in France. Even a young Californian can easily assimilate into Paris’ famous training center, Saint Germain, especially since the director of Saint Germain is directly in touch with the principal of San Francisco’s Franco-American School.

The hard work of the students from San Francisco’s Franco-American School in the first World Cup for French schools is proof that this will be more than just a sporting experience, but a wealth of cultural, sporting and educational growth that will reach beyond French cultural circles. With this objective in mind, students of the San Francisco Franco-American School will embody the French language and culture, which can then be reflected into the Anglo-Saxon world.

We would like to wish our students in San Francisco good luck for the World Cup and that they bring us back the first win for the French World Cup in the Bay Area.

Last modified on 15/06/2010

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