The "Prairial" leaves Seattle to go to Honolulu

As it has every year, the frigate (warship) the Prairial of the Marine nationale françasie, French National Navy, will stopover in the major coastal cities of our consular jurisdiction : San Francisco (May 25-31), Seattle (June 4-8), Victoria - Canada (June 9 -14) and Honolulu (June 23- July 5)

Par un temps plus automnal que printanier, M. Patrice Servantie, Consul général adjoint de France à San Francisco, souhaite la bienvenue au Prairial, mardi 25 mai 2010. - JPEG

Le Consul général adjoint Patrice Servantie - JPEG

Renaud Bondil , the Captain of the frigate disembarked onto the port of San Francisco, Tuesday, the 25th with 95 members of his crew.

Le Prairial à San Francisco jusqu’au 31 mai
envoyé par consulatsanfrancisco. - L’actualité du moment en vidéo.
Prairial, the light monitoring frigate was put into service in 1992 at its home base, Tahiti of French Polynesia. Over 305 feet in length and more than 2600 displacement tones, the ship frequently patrols the waters of the North Pacific.

Le Capitaine de frégate Renaud Bondil - JPEG


  • Constructed in the Atlantic shipyards of Saint-Nazaire in 1991
  • Enrolled to active service, May 20, 1992
  • Based in Papeete, Tahiti since November 20, 1992
  • Several missions in the French Polynesian archipelago ( the Society Islands, the Tuamotus, the Marquesas Islands, the Austral Islands, and the Gambier Islands)as well as in the Pacific heading for the Americas or Southeast Asia.

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