Jean-Claude Latombe awarded for his "Motion Planning" work

The celebrated work of Professor Latombe in the field of robotics and especially motion planning, is known all around the world. His scientific contribution for both sides of the Atlantic is immense, especially regarding his piece of work on the subject of “ Robot Motion Planning,” which remains an undisputed reference of its field now 20 years after its publication. Not to mention some of his work published by journals and conferences in his honor, of which have been cited more than 1,000 times.

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Which goes to show the influence of his work, for above all, a generation of research workers in artificial intelligence. The applications of his work are numerous in computer-aided surgery, defense, etc…

Professor Latombe now works on applications in the field of biology where a parallel exists between the joints of molecules and chemical compositions and those of robots in the form of humanoids. It’s a new promising discovery for the design conception of medications.


The work of Professor Latombe could also be the origins of a revolution in the field of digital animation where actors would be digitalized (or even created) and animated. We can then make a film with actors who have disappeared.

The domain of applications is endless.

Last modified on 26/04/2010

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