L’Alliance Française presents Gérard Klein

"L’Amérique dans tous ses Etats…"

JPEGThe play on words doesn’t quite translate the typical French expression, literally meaning : "America and all it’s States", but figuratively translated "The state of America"

While passing through San Francisco June 7, Gérard Klein presented his latest book and television project covering the United States, today with his mission accomplished, he returns to the " City by the Bay".

He will be presenting a preview of the fruits of his labour, "L’Amerique dans tous ses Etats", at the Alliance Française, Friday, March 5 at 8:00pm.

America: this immense nation, elusive, and complex, was a dream to Gérard Klein, travel enthusiast. Our former, "teacher," (a character he played on television) began his voyage of around ten laid-back and absolutely fascinating road trips by criss-crossing the United States from north to south, east to west. The program depicts men and women daring to change initiatives in order to preserve nature and their culture . By taking action for another future these individuals are drawing the new face of America.

On the road, Gérard Klein encounters celebrated individuals like Robert Redford, while horseback riding. Harrison Ford, whom he had already met in 1988 during a Roman Polanski film, Frantic. As well as Al Gore, the unlucky candidate of the 2000 Presidential Elections, but Nobel Peace Prize recipient for his fight against global warming.

Reserve your seats at l’Alliance française !

Admission: 10 $ ($7 for members).

70 seats available.

Last modified on 26/02/2010

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