Tom Luddy and Jean-Pierre Gorin awarded Chevaliers des Arts et Lettres

Tom Luddy, director of the Telluride Film Festival, and Jean-Pierre Gorin, filmmaker and professor at UC San Diego, have been honored as Chevaliers des Arts et des Lettres. The award was bestowed upon Luddy and Gorin by Pierre-François Mourier, Consul General of France in San Francisco, at a private ceremony.

Many friends of the two artists joined for this celebration of French-American friendship, both from the Berkeley community (from Greil Marcus to Alice Waters) and from the movie community (from Walter Murch to David Thomson).

This award expresses the French government recognition for the work of two important figures of the cinema in France and America who have been friends for over 30 years.

- Since the end of the sixties, Tom Luddy has done more for the preservation and the appreciation of French films in America than any other person. During his years as programmer of the Pacific Film Archive, which was conceived on the model of the Cinémathèque Française, Tom Luddy received all the most important French filmmakers. The Telluride Film Festival he co-founded at the beginning of the 70’s has been and remains one of the most important and more original film festivals in the world. Tom Luddy, as director of special projects for Francis Ford Coppola at the end of the 70’s, also supervised the restoration of Abel Gance’s 1927 silent masterpiece, Napoléon.

- Jean-Pierre Gorin, on his side, is not only one of the most interesting filmmakers of his generation, he’s also a very popular professor of cinema at UC San Diego since 1975. At the beginning of the 70’s, together with Jean-Luc Godard, Gorin created a filmmaking collective called the Dziga Vertov Group. They directed together a series of films that were both an aesthetical and political examination of the Seventies. After moving to San Diego, Gorin began experimenting a new and more personal approach in filmmaking, mixing fiction, documentary and essay. He directed three films in southern California.

- Read Consul General Mourier’s speech :

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- In pictures :

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Consul General Mourier during his speech. From left : Mrs Rachel Mourier, Consul General Mourier, Jean-Pierre Gorin, Tom Luddy
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Jean-Pierre Gorin receives his medal from Consul General Mourier
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Pierre-François Mourier bestows the medal upon Tom Luddy
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Jean-Pierre Gorin with friends after the ceremony
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Monique and Tom Luddy

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